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by Marlene J. Waldock

When I look into the mirror

I see a funny face

A crooked nose, and eyes too close,

And lines that I can trace.

A body that goes up and down

The scale and dress size too

It’s not what’s in my mouth so much

My head is like a zoo

Sometimes I feel I’m in a cage

A lion with a roar

And other times I’m oh so free

An eagle, I can soar.

If only I could fix the flaws

And look like all the rest

Then I could hold my head up high

And feel I’m at my best.

But beauty comes from deep within

It’s not a surface thing

And even with my flaws and such

I have a lot to bring

To feel secure within my soul

All I need to do

Is love myself, for then you see

My beauty will shine through

May 2005


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