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A Love story without using the word love

“The Remedy for love is to Love More” Thoreau

The gentle breeze skims the water

Cool and refreshing

The sun begins to set

Its reflection on the water

Bounces back to the clouds

The magnificent colors

Streak the sky

Purple, Pink, Lavender

Can you smell the scent?

Another day ending

An emotional day filled with

Warmth, caring and laughter

To laugh with friends

What a gift

How blessed we are

Sadness and despair

Fill far too many days

This day was happy

It was rich and full

It was a uplifting

How important are relationships

They are everything

All types, all different

All meaningful

All necessary

Some relationships break your heart

Others fill you up

When you are in need

They gently hold you

They push you to be better

The child gazes up at you

Her twinkling eyes warm your heart

She knows she can count on you

Her smile tells you so

A tears caresses your cheek

Her head rests gently on your shoulder

She smells like the ocean breeze

Her eyes flutter as she drifts off

She is content

And so are you

A rose shows up on your bed

The note says

You are important

How did he know

Your heart connection told him

The heart feels so much

Go deep into your heart

Listen, learn

What is it saying

It knows what is good for you

Do you trust the voice

It is your inner self

It holds your deepest desires

It is your dreams

It cheers you on

To dream while awake

To feel, to touch

The sensation

Soft yet strong

Probing, ever searching

Every day he shows you

His intentions

Coffee beside your bed

As you awaken to a new day

He sends you messages

Breathe in the fresh air

Expel fear and anxiety

You are the most important

Be the best you can be

Be in today

Today and everyday

Soar on the wings

Of the beautiful mist

Being made by the souls

United as one

From Sea Girt Retreat - 2017

by Marlene J. Waldock

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