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by M.J. Waldock

I think and think the whole day long,

About the things that can go wrong.

I think I've failed before I start

Which takes away the very spark,

To do the things I want to do

That haunt my sleep the whole night through.

What can I do to clear the path

Of obstacles that cause such wrath.

The boulders in my mind that make

The journey that my soul will take

A long and rugged road that winds

Forever twisting in my mind.

Where will it end, this bumpy road

When will I shed this heavy load?

Of always thinking of the worst,

I know I'm surely not that cursed.

I think I'll step upon the path,

And meet the boulder with a laugh.

I can succeed I know I can

Just think of where it all began.

A simple phrase from long ago

From one I thought was in the know.

Some tiny word so negative,

Is this the way we really live?

With other peoples doubts and fears

that stop us from our goals so near?

I think I will relieve my mind

Of thoughts, that merely waste my time.

I will begin the day anew

And take a very different view,

Of life that's far above the road

And see myself without the load.

I think I'll think the whole day long

Of how I'll meet the cheering throngs

Of those who honor my success

For clearing out this ugly mess

Of thoughts, that made my day so dim

And made my dreams of life so grim

I think I'll think and think again

About the ways I'm going to win.

And when those ugly thoughts arise

That cause my dreams to be disguised,

I'll take a step upon the road

And start to move, however slow

Until I reach the finish line.

And then, I'll know, it was my mind

That made me think the whole day long,

About the things that could go wrong.

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