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If life were just a “perfect” place

We’d have an equal share

Of all that’s good and fun and right

We’d never feel despair.


But life‘s so very intricate

Yet still we must survive

And strip away the layers of time

So we can stay alive.


To realize that at our core

The answers all exist

The dreams and schemes, however bold

Allow us to persist.


To reach up high to risk it all

That life will give us more

To trust ourselves, and run not walk

And open every door.


For one day when we least expect

Our dream will come to life

We’ll stand in awe, a bit surprised

And stare it in the eye.


With smiling face and open arms

Our dream will say  “let’s go”

Stand straight and tall, let’s do it all

It’s time to start the show.


The stage is ours, the curtain’s up

The spotlight’s shining bright

And win or lose, this time or next

We know we’ll get it right.


Perfection is a myth a farce

That makes us want and wait

For circumstance to be just right

So we can meet our fate.


But now and then it all makes sense

We finally see the light

That in this fast, chaotic world

We know this is “Just Life.”

by Marlene J. Waldock

  October 2003


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