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The role of a coach is to help you become more self-aware, challenge your thinking, offer alternative methods and approaches to problems, be your sounding board, provide the framework to keep you focused and help set realistic goals to achieve your desired results. As your coach, I am 100% on your side and deeply invested in you. You never have to travel up the ladder of success alone. 


We offer in person or phone coaching, short term or long term, at reasonable rates.


You are finally in your dream job and now you are a overwhelmed, doubting yourself, not being as effective as you can be and your teams are not functioning at their top level. You need to be strategic to manage your business unit, agile to change with the environment and have the people skills to motivate others to do their best.


Or maybe you are still climbing the corporate ladder but not moving ahead. It’s a highly competitive world and you have to set yourself apart from the pack.


What you need a thinking partner for support and guidance when dealing with complex situations, which is where I come in. When we work together everything is highly confidential and you will have a very supportive sounding board. I strive to clearly understand you, your strengths, weaknesses, issues, and objectives. Together we will identify and solve the problems at hand, while building a solid foundation to take you forward.  Your success is my success.



“You thought you knew fear until you launched your own business.  Then what you experienced with ultimate terror.”  This was a line from an article on Risk Taking in Inc. magazine several years ago.  Being the owner of a business is a huge responsibility and often risky. People look to your for guidance, reassurance, and financial stability.  Since you are the one at the top, you often feel isolated with no one to talk to. If you have a board of advisors, they can lend some support. But there is nothing like a business coach to help you realize your vision.


Coaching offers you a safe and confidential environment to express your greatest concerns without affecting your relationship with your employees, investors or peers. As your confidant, and mirror, my objective is to help you step out of your space to take a different view of your issues, to see them more clearly.  The decisions will always be yours, but you will have the opportunity to work through the issues collectively. Two heads are always better than one.


Networking is a must if you want to build solid relationships and your business. How often do your introductions begin with “Hello my name is….?” When you listen to others use this method does it get your attention, turn on light bulbs in your head and make you want to refer potential clients?  An elevator pitch is VERBAL MARKETING.  Through your introduction you are marking yourself, BRANDYOU, and your products or services. You only have a few seconds to make a great 1st Impression and get the audiences attention.  You need to lead with a startling statement, show that you understand their need, and suggest the solution. This is your moment and you need to make the most of it.  Your only get one chance to make a 1st Impression!


I have written hundreds of VERBAL MARKETING elevator pitches and I love doing it. Let me help you develop your networking strategies so that you will “WOW” every audience, get more referrals and build your business. Don’t go to your net networking meeting unprepared.



If you want to be successful in life and business, there will come a time when you need to share your thoughts and ideas to a group, maybe even on a stage. It can be very scary as speaking in public is one of the number one fears.  Your imagination runs wild and you envision yourself forgetting what to say, stumbling on the stage and just making a fool of yourself.  We have all been there. As a veteran speaker, I have the tools to help you overcome your fear and be the speaker you have always dreamed about.


As your coach I will guide your through the process of developing an impactful, easy to deliver presentation, teach you new skills and boost your confidence.  I will help you understand that; 1. The audience wants you to be successful, 2. They want to learn from you, 3. They don’t expect perfection.  You will put ‘POP” in every presentation.



What makes a great leader? It is one who is authentic, leads from the heart, and leads for the greater good. There are many leadership styles from autocratic, to democratic, strategic, transformational, team leadership and so on.  What is your style?  Is it effective?  Do you know that one style does not fit all situations and you need to be able to adapt? It’s called Situational Leadership.  My goal is to help you define your dominant style, your company culture, personalities and the situations in your organization in which you need to react differently. I then work with you to develop new ways of communicating and leading.  I want to help coach you into becoming a GREAT LEADER.


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