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"When you believe in Possibility, Opportunity will find you. Then you need only to believe in yourself and everything is possible."

      - M.J. Waldock


Women have always done amazing things. For centuries we ruled as queens, led armies into battle, toppled empires, fought for religious freedoms, were immortalized for our philosophies, and were goddesses of mythology. We have won Nobel prizes, flown planes, cured diseases, displayed to the world our OUTRAGEOUS UNIQUE SELVES as strong and powerful brands.  And yet, all too often we fail to acknowledge our successes and believe in ourselves.


I remember listening to Marlo Thomas say, “I look forward to the day when we learn to truly celebrate other women’s successes" What a thought, women celebrating success. We celebrate others’ success, but how often do we celebrate our own? Not just the big successes, but all those little ones that take place every day. We don’t view them as achievements. As women, many of us don’t give ourselves enough credit, think in positive ways, believe in possibility, or are just kind to ourselves.  Learning self-love is the first and most important step.


Today, women are taking back their power by standing up and speaking out about sexual abuse and gender injustices.  It's time to once again showcase BRAND YOU - Your Outrageous Unique Self! The "ME TOO" movement not only represents a step towards greater equality, but it also reinforces the need for unity.  With one voice and a united purpose, we can move mountains.


Let us help you BRANDYOU and step into your power!  Come join our initiative.


Because We Are Women  is an empowering experience that energizes, inspires, and supports personal growth, life achievement, and internal fulfillment.


BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN, founded in 2003, is my dream and possibility, to produce a forum to inspire, support and offer women the ability to explore opportunities. My inspiration comes from many places, people, books, ideas and personal experiences. My goal is to expand your awareness, tap into your power, offer support and outline the steps to get closer to your dream. We come together to CELEBRATE POSSIBILITIES, create action plans, and look for those who can help us, because there are always angels in our midst.

Each day we must honor ourselves for all our personal accomplishments, now and in the future. We learn to take risks to realize our dreams, and pave the road for those who follow behind us.  


Thank you for Celebrating all the Possibilities.



Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?  You are!

Norman Rockwell  “Girl in the Mirror” published in the Saturday Evening Post March 6, 1954. 

The Magazine sold for 15¢

“The most important relationship we can all have is the one you have with yourself. The most important journey you can take is one of self-discovery. To know yourself, you must spend time with yourself, you must not be afraid to be alone. Knowing yourself is the beginning of wisdom.”
        - Aristotle


Raise your hand if you believe that you are the fairest and most important person in your life.  You probably just said, “Is she crazy?”  Not just because I won’t be able to see you, but also because this concept is difficult to accept. I have asked this question many times and maybe 10% of the audiences respond positively.  I once spoke to a professional women’s group with ninety business owners and corporate executives in the audience and no one raised a hand.  I then asked who was more important, your children, spouse, parents, employer, friends, head of your church, president of the country, who then? Every once in a while someone stands up and says, “I am definitely the most important person in my life.  Yeah!


What is your relationship with you? How do you think about you? Are you happy with you? Do you feel good about how you look, how productive or accomplished you are, how you react to stressful situations, and so on? You are what you think and your thoughts turn into energy. Therefore, your relationship with you and how you think about you is vitally important and affects everyone around you and all you do.


Empowering you to believe in you is my passion and my goal. Set up a coaching session, join my mailing list and receive a monthly inspirational newsletter and be kept abreast of our upcoming events.



The Purpose of BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN© is to assemble women from all walks of life in a safe, encouraging, and comfortable environment that offers personal reflection, group interaction and inspiring stories. The outcome of this energizing forum is to identify a vision for the future, release negative forces and limitations, be inspired by other women to explore all the possibilities, find positive support and take a step closer to becoming the person they long to be. 



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