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          by M. J. WALDOCK

Down the winding road
I see a pretty flower
I stop to smell its luscious scent
And stay there for a while.

The sun begins to fade
The rain begins to pour
It hits the ground with such a pound
The flower was no more.

Down the winding road
I see a fluffy cat,
I stop to stroke its silky fur
And take a little nap.

There came a nasty thud
It sounded like a clap.
And then I heard this raspy voice
Say scat you ugly cat.

Down the winding road
I see a feeble man
I stop to say “How do you do”
And take his trembling hand.

He said I’d like to walk
For just a little while
My legs are old and I am tired
I’ll never make a mile.

Down the winding road
I see a spreading tree
I climb its branch right to the top
And there’s the shining sea.

I am a bit surprised
The road it winds no more
There is a straight and narrow path
Directly to the shore.

And so the winding road
Has finally seen its time.
The only place it twists and winds
Is in the shadows of my mind.


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