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Welcome to my website and thank you for stopping by.  I want to tell you about myself, my vision, mission, passion, goals, experience, and share with you how I can help you. 


You hold the keys to achieving all your goals, dreams, and realizing your highest fulfillment in life and business, but sometimes you need help.   I can’t wait to work with you, coach you, speak at your next event, train your staff and provide you with the tools you need to make your big dream a reality.  And, if the dream isn’t big enough, maybe I can help you.



See Marlene in Action




My mission is to help you be the best you can be through one-on-coaching, educational seminars and keynote speeches. Whether you are a business owner, budding entrepreneur, corporate executive, at the beginning of career path, or on your way up, I want to guide you through the process, give you support, and teach you new skills to be successful. I will help you think in ways in which you are unaccustomed.



To be a on a worldwide stage, inspiring, motivating and communicating thought provoking information to take you out of your comfort zone, view yourself and the world differently, acknowledge your importance in your life, and achieve your highest purpose and success.


Following a highly successful 12-year corporate career with a Fortune 100 consumer packaged-goods company, where she was a top representative in Business Development and corporate training, Marlene joined a small start-up company as Marketing Communications director.  Being downsized two years later and recognizing the need for small to medium sized businesses to grow and operate on a larger scale, Marlene founded 1st Impression Communications LLC. Understanding the importance of clear business communication, both internally and externally, the Company focused on Public Communications.


As the business environment changed and the company grew, 1st Impression began offering marketing communication, advertising consulting and execution, and skill-building communication techniques to corporations, professional organizations, and individuals. Today, 1st Impression works with large corporations, business owners, as well as budding entrepreneurs to refine and enhance their communication skills, leadership techniques,  marketing messages and presentation/public speaking abilities.


In 2003 she established a women’s empowerment initiative, BECAUSE WE ARE WOMEN - CELEBRATING POSSIBILITIES, which has reached hundreds of women helping them to make positive changes in their lives.

Since 2004 Marlene has participated as an instructor for annual Summer Teen Camp sponsored by the Rothman Institute of Innovation at Farleigh Dickenson, teaching teens the value of strong communication.

Resulting from her 2017 recognition as a TOP 25 BRAND BUILDER, Marlene has launched BRANDYOUYOUR OUTRAGEOUS UNIQUE SELF which focuses on personal branding, and combines all her experience and philosophies into one unique program.


She brings a wealth of experience, knowledge, professionalism and passion to all that she does.



"My goal is to make you think in ways in which you are unaccustomed."


Effective communication is the key to success in life and business. And the most important communication is the one you have with yourself.  Much of your success stems from your belief systems: how you feel about yourself, your self-image, self-worth, self-esteem and more. When these core values are misaligned with your goals, you may struggle to achieve your desired results.

Marlene J. Waldock communicates her ideas, knowledge and philosophies through coaching, speaking, workshops, motivational events, intimate breakfasts and an inspirational newsletter. She inspires you to look at yourself, learn to believe in you, understand that you are never alone, and that you can truly be whatever you choose.

She is often featured on radio shows and in publications.


As the host of the weekly television show, New Jersey Business on News 12 New Jersey, from 2001 to 2006, Marlene interviewed business leaders from Fortune 500 companies to entrepreneurs, including U.S. and state senators, government officials, CEO’S of major corporations, a variety of small business owners and entrepreneurs. Just two months before his death, Waldock interviewed Entrepreneur Russ Berry, whose stuffed animals were a dominant factor in the market and a few had just reached the moon. During the 2004 Gubernatorial race, she interviewed candidates Senator John Corzine and businessman Doug Forrester.




New Jersey Business addressed pertinent issues in the state and Marlene often assembled panels of experts who shared their thoughts and unique perspectives. As a result of her support of small business, in 2003, Waldock received the Small Business Administration’s (SBA) Small  Business Journalist of the Year for her efforts in helping small businesses reach their potential.  News 12 reaches 1.8 million households in New Jersey.




Very involved in the community, she is a Director and chair of the Board Governance Committee for the Metro YMCA of the Oranges, Immediate Past President for the Women's Center for Entrepreneurship, past president of the North Essex Chamber of Commerce, and Past State President of the New Jersey Association of Women Business Owners. For three years, she participated in the PSEG Supplier Diversity Council, promoting the viability of  WBE and MBE as suppliers to Corporate America.


2017 TOP 25 BRAND BUILDER – Leading Women Entrepreneurs

6 Time Award Winner For Woman Empowerment

Learn more about all of Marlene’s awards.




A published author, she has written articles for women in Family Circle Magazine- reaching 22 million readers worldwide, Garden State Women and more. For three years she was an editorial contributor to NJBiz, addressing topics pertinent to the business community. She has also written a book of inspirational poetry and is currently working on an inspiration book entitled:  JUST YOU!


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